Work in progress Banana Chain
Saud Alsaleh, ‘The Spontaneous Wondering’, 2023, sterling silver


In the scope of this project, I conduct an in-depth analysis of human behaviour, juxtaposing it with the behaviours observed in the animal kingdom. This juxtaposition serves to elucidate the distinctions between conscious and unconscious behavioural patterns, providing valuable insights into the intricacies of human conduct.

Saud is an emerging artist and jeweller who was born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and now lives in Melbourne, Australia and studies at RMIT University. Saud’s creative practice is focused on the nature of symbolism, he combines traditional methods and ways of gold and silversmithing and combines that with new technologies to produce his work. Since 2022 Saud’s started exhibiting his works in different places, including Craft Contemporary Rendering Jewellery and Objects 2022, Collins House Sports Bar 2022, Forms for Encounter & Exchange Collingwood Yards 2022, Ambiance Collective First Site Gallery 2023, A4 Art Show Site Eight 2023, Gold and Silversmithing Cabinet Exhibition 2023.

Work in progress, measuring
Saud Alsaleh, Work-in-progress: measuring, 2023, photograph

instagram: @sauudalsaleh

LinkedIn: @sauudalsaleh

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Saud Alsaleh