OPTIMISTIC NIHILISM is a project that explores profound philosophical themes through various artistic elements. At its core, this project delves into the interconnectedness of all things, embracing the concept of transmateriality, and delving into questions about human consciousness.

My project encourages viewers to embrace an optimistic perspective on nihilism, which suggests that life lacks inherent meaning but invites us to create our own purpose and significance. It invites us to find freedom in the face of existential questions and to explore the multifaceted nature of our existence. 

Interconnectedness contemplates the notion that everything in the universe is interdependent and mutually influential. This interconnectedness is not limited to the physical realm but extends to the metaphysical and conceptual, emphasising the deep connections that bind us all.

This project also delves into the concept of consciousness, pondering the nature of our existence within the vastness of the cosmos. It prompts viewers to reflect on their place in the universe and the significance of human consciousness in the grand scheme of things. This theme challenges us to consider how our individual consciousness relates to the collective consciousness of the universe.

Transmateriality proposes that materiality is not confined to physical objects but extends to the immaterial, including thoughts, emotions, and ideas. This notion blurs the boundaries between the physical and the metaphysical, highlighting the complexity of existence.

I am a contemporary multimedia visual artist whose work explores themes of identity and the conscious human experience. Prior to the Masters of Photography at RMIT, I studied a Bachelor of Film Production at SAE Institute. 

Through my art, I seek to create a dialogue between the viewer and the subject, drawing inspiration from the relationship humans share with technology and the world around us. My works over the past two years involve a combination of photography, AI and videography, as I experiment with different mediums and techniques to create unique and engaging works exploring themes of interconnection and transcendence. 

install prints, large format prints, optimistic nihilism, photography
Sionainne Costello, ‘Optimistic Nihilism #1-5’, 2022, installed prints
depth cloud, render, aura, optimistic nihilism
Sionainne Costello, 2023 [work-in-progress], .gif of Interactive Aura representative works


instagram: @fetchingcreature

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Sionainne Costello