LENSES is based around connection with self, people, and my surroundings, all in which are parallel and intertwined with one another.

One entity channeled through different avenues but ultimately woven by the same fabric.

Despite there being an infinite number of ways one can feel and exercise connection, I find getting personal with others is a way in which you can both connect and gain a deeper understanding of somebody and also yourself in the process.

Being able to recognise the parts of yourself that exists within others and vice versa.

I’ve sat and had conversions with peers, friends, family, and strangers, all of which are human and have their own personal experiences and perspectives of I wished to gain a glimpse through conversation. Such perspectives can include subject matter of personal experiences, passions, outlooks on life in general, or just random little things that people wished to either express or share. I encouraged people to come as they were and share anything they were comfortable with. I was ultimately striving for the honest representation of the individuals I interviewed.




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Stephen Kontiveis