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Tanisha Wookey, Knowing You (detail), 2023. Photographic print, garments, hanger. Dimensions variable. RMIT University School of Art Graduate Exhibition 2023, Melbourne. Photo: Leni Ciuro.

“I carry this feeling close when wandering through Tanisha Wookey’s Knowing You (2023), a series of photographic prints positioned around a multi-wall installation space. At the entry point stands a closet, its opened doors and written statement inviting viewers to “uncover the link between the visual narratives and individuals.” Inside hang various garments, an amalgamation of aesthetics, with their pulls, frays, and alterations indicating histories of wear. The same applies to the closet itself—a transactional holding-place of memories—its scuffs and chipped-paint exterior hint that it has been relocated straight from a bedroom and into the show. Each portrait features a different individual as subject, centred in the composition, their eye contact locking on to the viewer’s gaze. Each individual’s garment in the photographs is brought by Wookey into the closet and physical gallery space. In reference to Nigel Shafran’s 1990s Teenage Mall Shoppers series, perhaps, Wookey’s photographs seem to sit in a category beyond that of the commercial fashion photograph, as both anthropological snapshots of youth and tender documentations of friendship and connection.”

KNOWING YOU aspires to exhibit the interplay between individuals who inspire us and the visual narratives they unwittingly co-create.

The root of this project rests in the pursuit of understanding the role of inspiration. Creating a photographic series that encapsulates the essence of those who have influenced her artistic pursuits reflects her desire to acknowledge the impact of these relationships. This is more than a documentation of fashion choices or photographs of individuals; it is a deliberate attempt to unveil the connection between external influence and personal expression.

The photographic series is accompanied by an installation displaying the subjects’ clothing in a closet. Viewers are invited to uncover the link between the visual narratives and the individuals by opening these closet doors.

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Tanisha Wookey