Through painting I aim to capture the essence of consciousness by exploring the delicate balance between mind, body, thoughts and feelings. By utilising the juxtaposition of haptic and meticulous paint and drawing techniques, the paintings serve as a visual representation of the intricate interplay between our mental and physical realms, and serve as a testament to the connection between art and soul.

My art seeks to convey the complexity and depth of our inner worlds. Movement is the cornerstone of my creative process, as it allows me to capture the ever-changing nature of the human experience, grounded in the ever-changing quality of the atmosphere.


Moon Ramone ‘The Interconnected Unity’, 2023, oil paint and marker on canvas, 500 x 180cm.


Moon Ramone. ‘The Interconnected Unity’, 2023, [Installation view: RMIT stairwell], acrylic on canvas. 200cm x 180cm.
Moon Ramone, Work-in-progress, 2023, Acrylic paint pouring on 120cm x 120cm boards.


Moon Ramone, Studio view, 2022. Photo: @ollysartcorner


Moon Ramone, ‘My shadow and me’, 2023, live digital performance and installation still.


Moon Ramone, Studio view, 2023.

Born with an innate passion for visual expression, Moon Ramone is an artist who works with a dynamic combination of painting, performance and video. Moon has created a unique artistic language that merges the subconscious with the conscious, serving as a bridge between what is seen and what is felt, and inviting viewers to contemplate the depths of their own consciousness. Moon’s work has garnered recognition at the Drill Hall community garden in Melbourne/Naarm since 2019, and has been shown in exhibitions at RMIT and in the wider Melbourne area from 2019 to present, including her first solo exhibition Intuitive Skies at Cyrus’s Art Lounge Gallery in 2023. Moon is finishing a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT, and has also graduated with a Diploma in Art Therapy in 2023. Moon’s deep-rooted interest in mindfulness underscores her therapeutic approach to art-making, focusing on using art as a powerful wellness tool. She was a finalist in 2021 in ‘Into the Light’ Whitewall Art Prize and Lethbridge Gallery Art Prize.



instagram: @MoonRamone.Art

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Moon Ramone