Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence and contribution to the program, Master of Arts (Art in Public Space).

My practice is inconsistent, uncomfortable, awkward, and dematerialised. It is activist and challenges notions of authorship and capitalism through an approach to art making that promotes the collective above the individual. I propose that an ethics of care and intentional slowness along with the renouncing of authorship are acts of resistance to capitalism.
Throughout this research I interrogate my work with collectives and community to develop strategies that focus on an ethics of working with others, and that deepen my practice. I use a range of operations with collectives and community that include dialogue, social practice, video essays, video installations, participatory painting, and photography amongst others to co-create work that responds to shared concerns.



video: Victoria Vyvyan, ‘Sanding Away Capitalism’ (extract), 2023

video: Victoria Vyvyan, ‘Going Slow with Democritus’, 2023

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Victoria Vyvyan