re-LIGHT, 2023




The exploration of light, colour, and the way photography breaks down or blends is fascinating.





The images used in this series are from Malaysia and Melbourne, two places I have lived in for extended periods of time. Due to their geography, these two countries seem to have drastically different light. These differences can be attributed to various factors. Australia, sits in the southern hemisphere which means that different angles and paths of sunlight are more likely to hit the ground at greater angles, Australia also has pronounced seasonal variations. The countries’ diverse climates and topographies further influences the quality of light. In contrast, Malaysia, near the equator, experiences more consistent lighting conditions with less pronounced seasonal changes. Its humid climate and natural environments contribute to softer lighting. These factors collectively create distinct lighting characteristics.




In terms of this project, because I enjoy and love the charm of colours in the naked world, I have become curious about different ways of capturing light. I have been looking at what digital images look like when broken down into the traditional three primary colours of red, green and blue.




I have combined the principles of digital photography, traditional photography (film), and alternative processes to present the final series.






Xin Yi Teoh, ‘Flinders Walk, Melbourne’ from ‘re-LIGHT’ series, 2021



Xin Yi Teoh, ‘Penang Bridge, Malaysia’ from ‘re-LIGHT’ series, 2020


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Xin Yi Teoh