GEMINI: A Visual Journey of Self-Discovery.

I embark on a deeply personal exploration of self, diving into the enigmatic world of personality and identity. Just as the zodiac sign symbolises dualism, this project seeks to capture the multifaceted aspects of who I am.

The Gemini project is a testament to the power of self-exploration through photography. By visually narrating the story of my own identity, I hope to not only reveal my own journey but also prompt viewers to contemplate their own ever-evolving selves. It’s an invitation to acknowledge the beauty in embracing the duality and complexity of human existence.

As we explore the depths of Gemini may we all find inspiration to embrace our own dualities and celebrate the vivid mosaic that is the human spirit.

As a photographer born and raised in Wuhan, China, I find myself at the crossroads of cultures, stories, and perspectives. My photographic journey at RMIT University has been a dynamic exploration spanning the realms of fashion and street photography. Growing up in the vibrant city of Wuhan, I was exposed to a tapestry of experiences, each a piece of a larger narrative. My work reflects my unique cultural background, blending the rich heritage of my roots with the contemporary, global influences I’ve encountered during my time at RMIT.


Instagram: @palmertheimager

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Xuan Xiong (Palmer)