This body of work focuses on the often contradictory and complex nature of the human psyche that manifests in surreal depictions of the human form and anatomy. I view my practice as a means of exploring sensations, using psychoanalysis as a tool to reflect on human experience.

Core theoretical concepts revolve around the exploration of emotional sensation-seeking, psychological dialogue, and the paradoxical interplay between desire and disgust. This paradox presents a fascinating and complex interplay between two seemingly contradictory emotions. Eat Your Heart Out purposefully elicits both physical and cognitive feelings of desire and disgust to create a dialogue surrounding the psychological, social and cultural impacts of these emotions.

On the other side of the coin, my practice has strong roots in technique and detail. I have always had a deep interest in using realism to create surreal worlds that feel familiar to the viewer, yet simultaneously foreign. I use medical journals detailing internal anatomies and surgical videos as reference. Some days I feel more doctor than artist!


Studio desk with drawings in progress, 2023


Josie at work in her home studio, 2023


Work in progress, 2023
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Josephine Purtill