Kallman Feitel Endowment Award for a​ portfolio which demonstrates the greatest potential (Art-centred practice)


As we go through life, we are influenced by everything around us. It’s almost impossible for a
person to live in complete isolation from external influences.

Water, for instance, remains unchanged when there is no external stimulus. Like water, our nature
and form maintain their state when not propelled by eternal forces; they react and transform when
influenced by the outside.

The choices we make and the influences we receive can alter our lives. It’s not easy to fully
understand our life journey, whether it’s the life we’ve lived or the life we’ll lead, much like navigating
a small boat on a vast ocean. What we feel at one moment may differ from what we feel later, or
it may remain the same; there is no way to predict. Determining those influences is not an easy
task, and each individual will perceive and react to the same experiences and stimuli differently.
Relationships with family, friends, and loved ones, as well as our immediate environment, shape our
experiences, and everything we feel and go through influences us, like ink spreading in water,
creating ripples and droplets unpredictably.

Through this series, I hope it serves as an opportunity for us to reflect on the experiences we’ve
encountered in the ever-flowing stream of life and how these experiences have changed us. It also
allows us to think about the anticipation and trepidation of an uncertain future and how we might
change in the coming days.


instagram: @jeonghu_kim_photography

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Jeong Hu Kim