Mita Chowdhury (Hasina Chowdhury) is an interdisciplinary visual artist born in Bangladesh and now based in Naarm. She is pursuing an MFA (Coursework) in painting at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) University. Her creative practice explores her bi-culture, heritage and history through her experimental approach, integrating culturally specific materials such as folklore, spice, native tradition, and lived experience as a first-generation female immigrant. From an internal migrant history in Bangladesh since childhood incorporated with the current diasporic context, Mita’s practice consistently interrogates the concept of cultural identity and the in-between space she has occupied since childhood. Nonetheless, this interrogating process has become the formative method of her creative practice. Hence, Mita’s practice holds this ambivalence to bridge her past Bangladeshi history and to present Western positionality. Her work has been showcased in multiple group exhibitions, including the 2022 Asian Art Biennial in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Mita has exhibited multiple solo exhibitions, including The Proximity of Connection: Past, Present and I, at the Incinerator Gallery in 2022.