Recipient of the Kallman Feitel Endowment and the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence, Bachelor of Arts (Photography) Highly Commended.


BLUE is a visual and written exploration of the self, following an adult ADHD and ASD diagnosis and coming to an understanding of neurodiversity. It explores the world of hyper-fixations, object permanence, competing trains of thought, sensory overload, masking, emotional impulsivity and obsessiveness through the lens of architecture and urban landscape photography.


DESIGNING THE FUTURE is my love letter to Melbourne. An examination of contemporary architecture and interior design in this hugely diverse city, and a questioning of what is next. Through interactions with industry professionals I’ve explored discourses surrounding environmentalism and sustainability, the popularisation of design in the digital era, urbanisation and city expansion, preservation of heritage and creation of culture as well as musing on where the future of the industry lies.


Bren White, Deeds Brewing [excerpt from designing the future], 2022.
Bren White, Kasey Lee Blonde Specialist [excerpt from designing the future], 2022.

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Bren White