NEOMA: NEW MOON (Greek origin)

Time is abstract. Time is constantly moving forward. Time is fluid.

This project documents the abstract nature of time and the visual cues that remind us of time passing. Everywhere around us, time flows, leaves changing colours, tides moving in and out, rust forming on objects. Even the human body reminds us that time has passed. The moon rises and sets, each new phase representing the rhythm of time, the constantly repeating cycle. André Bazin, a French film critic, refers to the ‘photograph as… an embalming of time’ (Brett and Lusty 2019: 18). In a sense, a photograph can preserve time. This speaks true for this series, as it captures and pauses time moving, in order to freeze specific moments that have a connection with time. Photography compresses and abstracts time.

Photography of the moon in the last quarter phase
Emma Rothberg, Untitled, 2022.

Photograph of moon in warning crescent phase
Emma Rothberg, Untitled, 2022.

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Emma Rothberg