Kallman Feitel Endowment Award for​ portfolio which demonstrates the greatest potential (World-centred).

THOMAS explores the concepts of masculinity and identity, as experienced through my friendship with three individuals named Thomas. Through the medium of photography, I explore the dynamics of identity and self-perception. The three Thomases, aged 11, 23, and 76 years old, are not just subjects; they are friends. Our connection serves as the heart of this series. Through this visual narrative, I invite viewers to reflect on their own perceptions of masculinity, to question the stereotypes that often influence identity and growth.

Thomas Deckker, a child fuelled by curiosity. Through the innocence of youth, we witness the initial formation of gender identity. Deckker is beginning to develop his own independence, poised between the innocence of childhood and the rebellion of the teenage years.

Thomas Martin, at the brink of adulthood, is at a pivotal moment in life where one begins to shape their identity and confront the world. This phase is marked by a quest for self-discovery, an exploration of values, and a deepening understanding of one’s place in the world.

Thomas Montgomery, a figure marked by wisdom and the passage of time. He represents a culmination of life experiences. A matured sense of self, free from societal constraints. His portraits convey the wisdom, resilience, and self-assuredness that come with age.

instagram: @luluboltsphotos

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Lulu Bolt