NAVA Ignition Award for highest performing in Profession Practice.

CELESTIAL TRACE is a photographic exploration that documents solar and lunar phenomena. The research project uses handmade pinhole and mirrorless cameras to capture various durations that span across hours, days, weeks and months. I intimately record layered timescales from the daily passings of the sun and moon onto photosensitive paper and film. The research aims to investigate a poetic presence of time that is imprinted, forever. My images are subject to chance and process including weather forecasts and shifting temperatures. The three photographic processes I use are: solargraphy, lunargraphy and cyanonegative. Through these techniques, I aim to capture perceptions of deep time, movement and invisibility in an experimental and poetic way. The final body of photographic work explores a personal experience of time through a universally shared light source, the sun.

instagram: @mikayladepasquale

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Mikayla De Pasquale