Kallman Feitel Endowment Award for portfolio which demonstrates the greatest potential (client-centred).

ATMOS is the first instalment of an ongoing series, comprised of both architectural and interior photography. Positioned as a rebuttal to persistent criticisms of minimalist design, which is often dismissed as desolate and devoid of emotion.

Inspired by analogue technique in its ability to convey essence and mood through its rich tonal aesthetic, this series strives to transcend mere literal or timeless representations of space. Instead, each image becomes a subjective record of personal experience.

In reference to landscape photography, Robert Adams states that; “if a view of geography does not imply something more enduring than a specific piece of terrain…we will probably prefer the place itself which we can smell and feel as well as see”. This statement has served as a mantra throughout the creation of this series, in aiming to encapsulate the intangible and ephemeral qualities of light, shadow, colour, and mood inherent to each architectural site, processing them in a way that balances both reality and my own personal memories from the time of shooting. Ultimately, the series becomes an intricate interplay between serendipity and control, inviting viewers to connect with the atmospheric presence within these minimal yet beautiful spaces.



Courtney Stockdale is an emerging photographer from Melbourne, Australia. Her work focuses on art, design, still life, interior and architecture.


instagram: @stockdale.courtney

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Courtney Stockdale