Bo Pang is a multidisciplinary artist who is currently using weaving, casting, engraving and other forms of handmade contemporary jewellery and installations to communicate with herself. In the process, she analyses and reflects on herself and brings the materials closer to her inner self. Her work is filled with reflections on topics such as personal identity, feminism, humanity and nature.

Her work is created from her own experience as an individual growing up in a traditional Chinese family but is not limited to her personal perspective, instead using her own experience as a mirror to reflect the common fate and experience of the female community. In this way, she tries to show the power of reflection and human initiative, as well as the power of time itself and the impact it has on each of us.


Bo Pang, ‘Self portrait in Studio’, 2023. Photo: Bo Pang
Floating Island
Bo Pang, ‘Floating Island’, 2023, installation of bronze, acrylic and ink. Photo: Kirsten Haydon
Surname Crow
Bo Pang, ‘Surname Crow’, 2023, copper and gold leaf jewellery. Photo: Bo Pang
My Name- Bo
Bo Pang, ‘My Name- Bo’, 2022, silver and brass jewellery. Photo: Bo Pang
Bo Pang, ‘Bo’, 2022, bronze brooch. Photo: Bo Pang
Bo Pang, ‘Bo II’, 2023, bronze brooch. Photo: Bo Pang
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Bo Pang