I used to be a musician. I studied music, performed, and rehearsed almost every day, I played in school bands and ensembles all through my teenage years and it was this band that we had put together the four of us, named Nervous Pedestrians. The name was corny but the typical indie-rock genre, heavy use of guitar pedals and general teenage anxieties deemed the name appropriate for what we were. It was an avenue to allow us to make the music that we wanted and to contribute to how it sounded – our personalities on show, away from the sheet music and scripture to be played exactly like the others before us demanded it to be.


I relistened to our song’s recordings recently, in a nostalgic moment? The song Beetles, always stood out to me from our other songs as it was very tonally different, it is a slow and sombre song when compared to our other ‘lively’ songs. To me I felt that this song had the most meaning behind it and our vocalist/guitarist who wrote the song did so during a difficult period of their life relating to identity. When performing this song on stage, I felt that our song Beetles that formed a connection between us and them. I felt there was something special about this song.


After relistening to Beetles recently, I had a dream of a figure walking across an empty landscape. The figure would slowly melt away and become new again and again over time. It was this dream that I had written down and would become the idea behind the music video I had decided to make for Beetles as my project. I related this figure from my dreams to the themes of identity and its impact from time and change on oneself. I used to be a musician, I currently call myself photographer, artist, and student, and I do not know what I will be calling myself in the future.


instagram: @brophyoto


Music Video Stills


Benjamin Brophy, ‘Planet 70 and Planet 72’, 2023
Benjamin Brophy, ‘Planet 746’, 2023
Benjamin Brophy, ‘Planet 81’, 2023
Benjamin Brophy, ‘Planet 568’, 2023
Benjamin Brophy, ‘Planet 293’, 2023
Benjamin Brophy, ‘Planet 78 and Planet 865’, 2023


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Benjamin Brophy