Koodak Award for the Highest Academic Achievement in Third Year Gold & Silversmithing.

Neckpieces and enamelled dishes laid out on a table
Ciara Steggerda, ‘Assorted works’, 2023, sterling silver, labradorite, copper, enamel, horse hair, synthetic ribbon. Photo: by Yvonne Rambeau

CONTEMPORARY TALISMANS is a body of work exploring the involvement of jewellery and objects in everyday rituals. Ciara’s practice explores the idea of the talisman, informed by historic and contemporary symbolism. By viewing talismans as a transitional object, she explores the psyche of the wearer, their inner fears and desires. 

Ciara is a jeweller and artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. Her work considers the relationship between jewellery and its wearer, and what this implies about their character and beliefs. She particularly focuses on the concept of objects in, and how they are activated by use. She uses precious metals, glass and found objects in her practice. 

Hands holding a silver wire necklace
Ciara Steggerda, ‘Bottlecap necklace’, 2023, sterling silver, fine silver, glass

instagram: @he4rt_of_enamel

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Ciara Steggerda