In my latest project, I explore the realm of food photography, unfolding a narrative through three distinctive methodologies, each captured to root my artistic vision and interpretation of the culinary world.  

This project begins in the studio in a controlled environment where the various characteristics of each lolly are captured and transformed through the digital manipulation capabilities on Adobe Photoshop, allowing me to craft an engaging grid composition of the lollies. Through this first series, I aim to capture and enhance the vividness and playful approach of the culinary industry through the unique captives of the lollies with the possibilities of digital enhancement. 

Shifting from the studio’s controlled environment, I expand my focus to the dynamic spaces of on location photoshoots exploring the culinary industry. This encompasses a variety of cafes, restaurants and bars. This segment illuminates the intricate craftsmanship and dedication embedded in each creation, shedding light on what goes on in the hospitality industry. The imagery shown throughout the on-location photoshoots focus on food evolution, aesthetically photographing the food being created in the kitchen, the unique interiors and exteriors of each mesmerising venue, and of course the final completion of the food. 

Finally, this project explores advertising style photography, transforming each dish into a visual desire through composition and lighting techniques to compel the audience through visual simulation. Harnessing types such as rule of thirds, negative spaces and colour juxtapositions this segment interrogates culinary artistry with visual communication aiming to engage the audience  

In completeness my body of work aims to capture the dynamic capabilities of food photography using eye catching vivid lollies, aesthetic location photoshoots and compelling advertising photography. This endeavour explores the diversity of food photography and the culinary industry with sophisticated visual elements in each photograph. Through this exploration, I invite the viewers to engage with and appreciate the dimensionality of the gastronomic world.  

Chobani Strawberry Yogurt
Emma Kihara, Chobani Strawberry yogurt on a pale pink background with strawberries surrounding the yogurt, 2023
pink gummy bears
Emma Kihara, Pink gummy bears lined up using post production on Adobe Photoshop, 2023
tokyo lamington final touches
Emma Kihara, Picked cherry blossoms being placed onto each lamington, 2023
bounty of the sun
Emma Kihara, Bounty of the Sun’s signature dishes. ‘Japanese Taramasalata’ and ‘Plum Margarita’, 2023
Bounty of the sun interior
Emma Kihara, Shadows casting on a wall showing the logo of the Bounty of the Sun, 2023
Baker at Le Bajo
Emma Kihara, Baker preparing shokupan at Lebajo Milkbar, 2023
Lemon sour being stirred at Leonie Upstairs
Emma Kihara, Lemon sour being stirred at Leonie Upstairs, 2023
Chobani strawberry yogurt with a couple of strawberries
Emma Kihara, Strawberry yogurt with a couple of strawberries leaning against the yogurt, 2023


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Emma Kihara