Stranded in the realm of the subconscious, reality twists and turns like a labyrinth, creating an unsettling journey, which leads the mind into new depths of the unknown. Down the Rabbit Hole ventures into a world full of unfamiliarity, where we delve into a detachment from memories, and nothing is what it seems. This project depicts my distorted memories. Over time, they have taken on new forms, making it impossible for me to forge a sentimental attachment to them as they are now unfamiliar. This series shows a world where the past and present converge in an intricate dance, leaving the viewer questioning what is real and what isn’t. I invite the viewer to join me on a journey down the rabbit hole.

My images are experimental and so is my process of taking photographs. Using a digital compact camera for most of the images allowed me to be more present in the process of taking a photo, as for the most part I was not looking through a lens. This process meant that images often turned out blurred or the object I wanted to capture was not in the frame. Through this process, I found it reflects my mind’s capability of storing memories.

instagram: @indiakyokophotography


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India Calder-Lowndes