Velling Award.


My multidisciplinary practice deals with the surreality of the everyday and endeavours to celebrate the beauty of the mundane through my personal lens as a Hungarian-Australian artist living in Naarm/Melbourne. My paintings and objects eschew the making of grand, meaningful statements, but attempt to capture something of the perpetual and universal experience of trying to make sense of the world, ultimately without success but with joy and appreciation.


instagram: @julinyeste


  Juli Nyeste, ‘inanimate identities’ series, 2023 [installation view]


  Juli Nyeste, Spread from ‘Sticker Album Volume I’, 2023, artist book


  Juli Nyeste, ‘untitled’, 2022, painted ceramic trinket box and found grape stem


Juli Nyeste, ‘Greetings’, 2023, oil and acrylic on canvas, 70 x 50cm


  Juli Nyeste, With woodblock print ‘Washi no Sato’, Higashichichibu 2023, Photo: Yi (11) Zhou


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Juli Nyeste