Yeung was born in China, grew up in Hong Kong and is studying in Melbourne. Yeung is a contemporary artist who combines wheel throwing, carving and the ceramic process to create sculpture and functional pottery. He is interested in the playful qualities of plastic clay by cutting, carving texture, tearing, throwing, trimming and assembling, all these techniques mark the clay to become a sculptural object. As a contrast, he also likes to make traditional Asian functional pottery such a teapots and sake warmers.


The clay is my tool for creating sculptural and functional ceramic pieces.

My role as a designer/maker is to assemble a process that is collaborative between material, play, and process.

Hidden and change is a series of sculptural work based on the mechanical system of interlocking gears.

Carved, hand-thrown clay components are joined to resemble a stacked, interchanging or rejected piles of gears. These are fired in a kiln at a higher than usual temperature in order to force a material and structural change. In real terms each object slightly melts into itself. Since I am only partially controlling how the form changes, this process surprises me and challenges my making process.

Embracing disappointments and surprises can help us learn more and absorb more information. Hidden and Change asks us to consider that the unexpected is inevitable in life. Transformation and change are part of our lives.

instagram: @wise_ceramics


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Sun Wai Wise Yeung