The Brownbill Effect Award: pushing the boundaries of commercial photography.

This body of work utilises the photographic medium to investigate and capture the local beverage maker industry in the Mornington Peninsula region.  

Inspiration is derived from the annually published Eat. Drink. magazine. The magazine explores the companies and businesses, big and small, across the Mornington Peninsula region in a meticulously curated editorial of the food and drink services they have to offer. 

Edwards is drawing from her journey as a sixth-generation apple orchardist, deeply rooted in the heart of the Red Hill hinterland on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula. Edwards embarks on a creative endeavour to blend her intimate knowledge, understanding, and profound connection with the industry, endeavouring to craft a cherished body of work that not only celebrates the legacy of her family’s orchard but also sparks a genuine appreciation for the dedication and artistry that underpin the world of beverage production. 

The project utilises the power of editorial and advertisement-style photography to capture the essence and craftsmanship of the local beverage industry. Captivating imagery that explores the world behind the creation of spirits, ciders and beers. Capturing the artistry, heritage and dedication that goes into crafting the beverages, delving beneath the surface into the heart and soul of craft makers. Crafting compelling visual narratives aims to transform the way the audience perceives and engages with these beverage makers. To convey the flavours, soul, and culture that make craft beverages a proper art form – fostering a newfound respect and curiosity for the artistry and heritage that make their products exceptional.


Smart Brothers Brewing mural wall.
Tayla Edwards, ‘Smart Brothers Brewing Mural’, 2023, Smart Brothers Brewing
Glass of Eddies Cider in a glass, in front of the 6th generation orchard.
Tayla Edwards, ‘Eddies Cider Orchard’, 2023, Eddies Cider Orchard photographed by Tayla Edwards
Smart Brothers Brewing (SBB) signature beer under the range of beverages SBB have available on tap.
Tayla Edwards, ‘Smart Brothers Brewing Taps’, 2023, Smart Brothers Brewing

Tayla Edwards is a versatile photographer with expertise in various genres, including commercial, advertising, events, and sports photography. She is continuously eager to embrace fresh opportunities and push creative boundaries in her work. See more of Tayla Edwards’ portfolio.

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Tayla Edwards