A series of multimedia works exploring the tradition of storytelling

With a deep passion and love for storytelling, my series of works are the result of my constant rumination on the topic as I ponder on the essence and function of folktales and how they rest within society. As I dwell on this subject, I use the tale of Little Red Riding Hood as a focus and framing device due to its overall simplistic nature and strong symbols; but I also use this tale as it was the first one that really taught me the malleable nature of stories and how they can be metaphors, allegories for anything.

Overall, this series of works seek to encapsulate the starkness of folktales, using a constant colour scheme and emphasis on materiality to investigating the variety of traditions and its rich history.

instagram: @Valkeyrii

Val Carmody-Stephens, in studio, 2023
Val Carmody-Stephens, ‘In Pieces’, 2023, thread, canvas, paper, acrylic
Val Carmody-Stephens, ‘Untitled’, 2023, acrylic on canvas, thread
Val Carmody-Stephens, ‘Untitled’, 2023, acrylic and thread on canvas
Val Carmody-Stephens, Studio view, 2023
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Val Carmody-Stephens