Recipient of the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence and contribution to the program, Master of Fine Art.



An exploration of materiality and ephemerality through the use of organic matter and geometric patterns.

This multidisciplinary research project frames the ways in which both Eastern and Western philosophies influence my understanding of natural phenomena. I respond to the notion of continuity and change through repetitively reordering organic materials into geometrical patterns. Through this process, I seek to elicit a poetic appreciation of the beauty of evanescent cycles and the intrinsic connection between nature and culture.

Catherine Pickop, Drift, 2022, beeswax on linen.


Origin and presence
Catherine Pickop, Origin and presence, 2022, beeswax and organic material.


Catherine Pickop, Cubes, 2022, beeswax and mineral pigments.


A tinge of soil
Catherine Pickop, A tinge of soil, 2020, soil and mineral pigment rubbed on watercolor paper, 112cm x 165cm.


eucalyptus leaves installation
Catherine Pickop, Curves, 2021, eucalyptus leaves, [installation view, Billilla Historic Mansion].


I cherish
Catherine Pickop, I Cherish, 2020, iron oxide and pencil drawing on handmade Japanese paper, 52cm x 42cm.

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Catherine Pickop