Alex Kynaston

Recipient of the The ADFAS (Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Society), Yarra Branch Award _________________________________ ISOLATED FACES metaphorically explores anxieties of isolation and belonging. This project is a self-reflexive study that utilises non-traditional portraiture by shadowing the faces of loved ones to

Catherine Pickop

Recipient of the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence and contribution to the program, Master of Fine Art. _________________________________ TOWARDS REPOSE An exploration of materiality and ephemerality through the use of organic matter and geometric patterns. This multidisciplinary research project frames

Gomathi Suresh

Recipient of the Lowenstein Arts Management Prize and the NAVA Ignition Prize. _________________________________   THE SECOND LANGUAGE Navigating Marginalised Ecologies Using a Multi-Disciplinary Practice. This multi-disciplinary project combines ceramic objects, paper, video, and the recorded voice to examine issues of ecological degradation

Mairin Briody

Recipient of the Mary Oliphant Best MFA Tutorial Presentation Prize. _________________________________ THE RESONANCE OF A TANGLE engages with bodily agency and constraint through an interdisciplinary practice of painting. By employing material experimentation and improvisation, this project seeks to record an

Okhee Choi

Recipient of the The ADFAS (Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Society), Yarra Branch Award. _________________________________ This project seeks to explore life through painting. This project also seeks to explore painting through life. Through this project, I create abstract paintings based on