Recipient of the The ADFAS (Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Society), Yarra Branch Award


ISOLATED FACES metaphorically explores anxieties of isolation and belonging. This project is a self-reflexive study that utilises non-traditional portraiture by shadowing the faces of loved ones to explore ideations of interconnectedness.

This series of oil paintings on wood panels stretches the conventions of portraiture, with each work situated as a projection of my mind’s eye. Aiming to explore the point between featureless and realistic figuration, the face of each subject is intimately studied so that anxieties of isolation are challenged in the act of making. My methodology emphasises thin layers of translucent colours to create contrast and vibrational energy that transports the subject of each work into a liminal realm. 

Through painting’s unique ability to express emotive life and bring clarity to abstract experiences, this project seeks to articulate and observe a nuanced view of anxiety caused by the unknown. 


Alex Kynaston, Alex, 2022, oil on wood panel, 60 cm x 80 cm.

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Alex Kynaston