Vulnerability is a fundamental aspect of the human experience, it can be challenging to acknowledge. The fear of burden, rejection, and weakness fuels this challenge.

Vulnerability for me is coping with my health issues stemming from a non-curable spinal injury. Some days even getting out of bed is a struggle. 

Over the years, I have found a love of sports photography, basketball in particular. This seems incongruous, but this project is not just about sport; it’s about sharing my perspective as someone who can’t physically participate, and for this reason in this project I have questioned the players about their own vulnerabilities and weaknesses, reminding us that, despite physical strength, we’re all human.

This photobook is divided into four chapters, each dedicated to the unique journey of a basketball player: James Smith, Brock Sutton, Dillon Howick, and Caleb Bruggeman. Within these pages, these athletes talk about and question their identities, their experiences on and off the basketball court, their aspirations, and their fears. As you progress through each chapter, I hope you will forge a deep connection with each player, gaining insight into their personal lives and vulnerabilities, with the knowledge that we don’t all have the bodily capacity to engage in robust sports that require ‘perfect’ bodies. 


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Sofia Ruggiero