Canvas. Ready-Set-Go.

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Key Takeaways

Basics of Canvas


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What is Canvas?

Canvas is the Learning Management system used by RMIT. It enables students to access content and submit assessments. Academic staff cad add content and use Speed Grader via Canvas to grade assessments.

There are many tools that can be integrated into Canvas to enhance student experience, engagement and collaboration.

Why do you need to know this?

Canvas is used to securely house learning materials, lecture/lectorial recordings, assessments and exams.

Staff and students can communicate and collaborate using messaging, announcements and discussion forums.

Here you can find information on the basics of Canvas, getting started and preparing a course for your students.


Course Standards – The 14 Elements and Beyond

The 14 Elements are a set of core standards guiding Canvas course development to ensure that students enjoy a user-friendly and consistent learning experience in Canvas across the University. Course Coordinators and Program Managers are responsible for ensuring that the 14 Elements are applied to all courses.

Discover the 14 Elements and further resources by clicking here.