Educator Capability Development Portal

The Educator Capability Portal is information relevant to teaching at RMIT. It is designed to make your teaching easier while providing you with insights into how you can develop your academic career, including access to relevant professional development.

This page contains links to past recordings and directs you to professional development opportunities in RMIT and DSC.

What is Professional Development?

The DSC Learning and Teaching Team develop Professional Development to support academic staff, visit this page to see the PD options, resources, contacts and to book into sessions via Eventbrite.

Did you know?

We can provide a range of events or tailor a Professional Development session to suit specific requirements.

Please contact us via to request a session designed for your needs.

Upcoming events

Inaugural 2021 Concurrent Classroom

Wednesday Workshop: Getting your Rubric Right

Rubrics can be tricky things to get right and require effort. By understanding the role rubrics play within your course assessments can pave the way for their more effective construction and use. Come and learn how to derive your criteria, link to your course learning outcomes, and get that ‘performance-based language’ of the rubric right.  

Teams (online)

Wednesday, July 13th

12:30pm – 1:30pm

Inaugural 2021 Concurrent Classroom

Lunchtime Bytes: What is Studio Pedagogy Anyway?

The term ‘studio pedagogy’ is one you will often hear in DSC, after all we house many creative disciplines where the studio and its practices form the core of a student’s learning experience. But what does it really mean?

Teams (online)

Thursday, July 21st

12:30pm – 1:30pm

Past Events

  • Canvas Express – 14 Elements
    Introduction and overview of the 14 elements and the design guidelines for your Canvas courses.
  • Concurrent Classroom – info and PD
    Training and discussions on concurrent teaching and how to start developing your concurrent teaching strategies.
  • Canvas and Assessment Drop-ins
    An opportunity to spend time with a Learning Designer or Learning and Teaching Specialist to discuss and brainstorm anything related to assessments and Canvas
  • Lunchtime Bytes – The future Lectures
    We asked 3 DSC academics how they view the current role of lectures and how this mode of teaching has been impacted moving forward into the ‘living with Covid future’
  • Lunchtime Bytes – Academic Integrity
    Three Associate Deans joined us to discuss ways to tackle academic integrity and how to foster a classroom culture that can be taken into the students professional lives.
  • Lunchtime Bytes – Articulating your Assessments
    Tactics on how to make your assessment tasks, explicit, your expectations clear and teaching life a little easier.
  • Lunchtime Bytes – Supporting staff supporting students
    A how-to session on identifying and discussing how we could support students returning to campus. Guest speakers included the RMIT Wellbeing Team and Student Services (Campus life)
  • Lunchtime Bytes – Inclusive practices for concurrent/online teaching
    Hear how two teachers attempt to ensure student engagement and maintain an inclusive classroom in these 21st century environments.
  • Lunchtime Bytes – Hybrid or Hydra                                                                                With lectures no longer being timetabled, is dicing up content really a good solution?  Hear how two colleagues have dealt with this shift of teaching online and dealing with ‘Zoom fatigue’.

Recorded Events

View the full recordings of all our sessions below.

View bite-sized snippets of our Lunchtime Bytes sessions below, where panelists respond to particular ‘provocations’.


Where to next?

Discuss your PD requirements with your Program Manager or Course Coordinator and let us know what you need, we are here to help!

If you need help getting started with Canvas you can find the basics here.