Folio by Portfolium
  • Profile to share skills and projects
  • Integrated into Canvas
  • Transferrable after studies
  • Connect with peers
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What is Folio?

Think of it as a student-first precursor to LinkedIn.  Folio by Portfolium is an ePortfolio platform that allows students to:

  • Connect with fellow peers and teaching teams
  • Evidence their skills gained in and outside of study
  • Present skills and projects in a profile that can be shared and commented on.

Articulating skills and experience can be hard, especially for us “creatives”. What do we do? How do we do it?  For these reasons, maintaining a current digital folio should become part of students practice as a professional creative in-the-making. 

Getting Started

To setup and explore Folio, you can:

  1. Login to Canvas
  2. From the main navigation, click > Account > Folio
  3. If you haven’t accessed Folio before, complete the registration page
  4. You will be directed to your Folio profile
  5. Customise your Folio. You can visit Instructure’s Portfolium FAQ page for further instructions

You can also access the CEID video instructions below to support setting up and configuring your Folio.



When using this tool, please consider:

  • Why you are introducing this tool, is it for internal or external purposes?
  • Setup support needs to be established early on in the course with your students due to other institutions also using Folio
  • Visibility settings are applied (either visible to everyone on Folio or only to those your connected with)

DSC Example Use Cases

If you are using Folio and would like to share your experience, please email the team at


Introducing Folio into the Media 6 course, students can present themselves professionally to develop their public-facing professional profile on LinkedIn in the future. I have integrated Folio into assessment, part one involves an intial review of your skills and work experience and part two students add everything that is relevant to developing their careers into Folio.  This includes qualifications, awards, sample work, completed projects, internships/work attachments, extra-curricular learning activities, volunteer and paid work to determine job-ready skills and begin drafting a CV.

Dr. Seth Keen

Course - Media 6, Course Coordinator & Lecturer - School of Media and Communication

Students utilise Folio to connect with their peers and teaching team in first year. Folio is a space where students can build their professional profile, share their work across the course key themes and also receive feedback to inform and develop creative practice. 

Folio is now attached to part of the assessment within this course, capturing peer engagement through connecting, tags, likes and peer feedback (via comments).

Dr. Peta Murray

Course - Creative Writing Studio: Craft, Course Coordinator & Lecturer - School of Media and Communication

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