• Live and visual collaborative tool
  • Digital whiteboard
  • Embeds into Canvas
  • Free!
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What is Miro?

Miro is a free, online collaborative platform. It is user friendly, flexible in its use and easily accessible for staff and students. Miro can be used for a range of collaborative tasks in any delivery mode including:

  • brainstorming, planning and mind mapping
  • quick diagramming and analysis
  • processes
  • research and design
  • workflows
  • providing feedback (individually or group work).

A range of templates are available to use or alternatively you can design your own activity and workflows from scratch. 

Miro Layouts and Templates

Getting Started

To give Miro a try, follow the below instructions to get started.


1. Visit www.miro.com

2. Sign up to Miro with your RMIT credentials

3. You should receive an email to activate your account, please follow the prompts.

4. Once your account is setup, you can click  ‘New Board’ or select from a template to start from

New board

5. You can design and develop your board using the main navigation on the left-hand side. Use this time to explore the Miro interface to familiarise yourself with the workspace.


Did you know you can embed Miro into Canvas?


1. In Miro, Click on the upward arrow from the top menu Share > Embed > Copy the embed code

2. Navigate to where you want to insert your Miro in Canvas > Edit > Click your cursor where you wish to insert your Miro Board

3. From the Rich Content Editor, click > Insert > Embed > Copy Miro embed code > Save.  Your Miro board should now be inserted and visible in Canvas

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Are you using Miro?

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