Womin Djeka Indigenous Orientation Cred

Students who took part in ‘How to RMIT’ may have already completed the Womin Djeka Indigenous Orientation Cred, while others may be enrolled but not yet have completed it. Some students may not have encountered this Cred at all. Offering your students a chance to do this Cred as part of your course demonstrates your respect for Indigenous people and culture and shows that you value Reconciliation.

1. What does the RMIT Womin Djeka Indigenous Orientation Cred offer my students?

This Cred introduces information about Indigenous culture, customs and people to students who want to build their awareness and understanding. It is the beginning of a growth process for our students in the development of curiosty about, and respect for, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s culture.

The cred content identifies:

  • the five language groups of the Eastern Kulin nation, on whose lands RMIT University carries out its work;
  • the difference between Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country;
  • the elements of the Aboriginal and the Torres Strait Islander flags and their meanings and describes the three commitments of Bundjil’s law;
  • the steps you can take to continue your RMIT Dhumbah Goorowa (Reconciliation) journey.

The specific skills and learning outcomes of this cred include:

  • Indigenous awareness and understanding
  • Cultural and civic awareness
  • Reflecting

As an online module of learning, this Cred takes 30-60 mins to complete, earns 5 Skills Points and a digital badge.


For more information on what this cred offers:

Check out the WominDjeka Indigenous Orientation landing page, or access the suite of DEMO creds.

(Note: DEMO access is ‘teacher-only’ but you can share the DEMO to use in class discussions.)

2. Why should I embed the Womin Djeka Indigenous Orientation Cred into my course(s)?

If you want your students to know more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, customs and people then you can embed this cred into your course.

The Cred has value for personal and, e.g., professional, reason and benefits individual and societal relationships with Australia’s First People.

By focusing on the future, this Cred helps students think about what role they can play in Reconciliation.

With a range of resources and suggested places to visit, the cred supports your students to continue their Indigenous Australian learning journey even after they have completed the module.

Students who complete this Cred for a badge will stand out to future employers.


For more information on why this cred is important to your students’ learning and experience:

Check out the WominDjeka Indigenous Orientation landing page (and watch the 1-minute video) or access the suite of DEMO creds.

3. How do I embed the Womin Djeka Indigenous Orientation Cred into my course(s)?

You can embed this cred in your course in just a few steps. Here’s what you need to do:

First step: Go to the DEMO Womin Djeka Cred to familiarise yourself with its content and decide if you want to embed this in your course.

Second step: Ask your Program Manager to approve this course for embedding. You will need to send them:

  • course name, course code and coordinator’s name
  • program name
  • Cred name – Womin Djeka Indigenous Orientation
  • Approximate number of students in the course
  • Will the Cred be used in assessment (Yes/No)? This is dependent on your course guide and assessment requirements. Note: the Cred must not make up more than 5% of the assessment for the course.

Final Step: Once you have your Program Manager’s approval you must register the Cred for automatic insertion into Canvas by emailing dsc.lt@rmit.edu.au and we will embed for you.


For further information on Teaching with RMIT Creds:


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