• Integrated into Canvas
  • Improved content authoring 
  • Enhance the student experience
  • Align with RMIT branding
Emble logo

What is Emble?

Emble is an editing tool in Canvas that provides new and exciting page design and layout options without needing any knowledge of HTML or code. Emble provides additional options such as:

  • banners
  • callout boxes
  • columns
  • buttons
  • dividers

Emble as a tool offers a means to apply visually sound design elements throughout Canvas pages that both compliments the RMIT brand and considers the Digital Accessibility Framework, yet allows individuality to be applied where needed. 

Emble Interface

Getting Started

To take Emble for a test drive, follow the below instructions:


  1. Log into a Canvas and find a course to test in
  2. Select > Modules
  3. Within a modoule, create a Canvas page
  4. In edit mode, the Emble editor will appear on the left
  5. Place the cursor on the content area on the page
  6. Click an Emble element e.g. Banner and the banner will appear on the page
  7. Click on the Emble element to make direct edits 
  8. Save the page once edits are complete

DSC Emble Examples (Coming Soon)

Emble Examples in DSC

Stay tuned! Examples coming soon!

Example - Coming Soon

Example coming soon

Emble Templates and Shortcuts

Contact dsc.lt@rmit.edu.au to access already developed templates.

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