Concurrent Teaching
Concurrent teaching is when you deliver a class to both face-to-face students and online students at the same time.

On this site we have prepared a suite of resources to support your concurrent planning and delivery.

View the resources below and watch the introductory video to learn more.

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Learn more about Concurrent teaching


The 6Es

Consider these suggestions to give your concurrent teaching a health check


Case Studies

See how other people are doing it from a range of disciplines across the College to get some tips and insights


Lesson Plans

Helpful tools and templates to assist you in designing classes for concurrent delivery

Effective Teaching Strategies

Some tips and ideas on how to facilitate your concurrent classroom

Concurrent Tech Matrix

Explore the tech options for a range of lesson types and configurations

Cameras on or off?

We ran around RMIT to find out how teachers and students feel about cameras in online classes

How to get students to mind their manners online

An interactive Canvas resource that outlines standards of behaviour for your students as they study and attend class online

2 important lessons for teaching to a cameras-off audience

Tips on how to teach when the cameras are off

Concurrent Community of Practice

Learn how to get involved in the Community of Practice and watch past CoP recordings.

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