Practical lessons in Goldsmithing

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Nicholas Bastin

Nick Bastin


Specialist equipment requirements and detailed practical demonstrations posed some challenges in teaching Goldsmithing to overseas students.


School: Art

Year Level

Year: Mixed

High Effort

Cohort Size: Approx 20 students, 4 remote


Delivery Mode: Concurrent

Medium Effort

Medium Effort


Implementation level: Easy


Practical demostrations in the concurrent classroom were facilitated by the introduction of a webcam to show detailed practical techniques. Recordings and live streaming of these demonstrations have resulted in a fantastic benefit to classroom students who can view intricate work on a large screen in class and re-watch recordings along with their online peers.

Benefits / Challenges


  • Using a large screen has really benefitted the face to face students as now they have a better view of the fine detail work being demonstrated
  • The webcam was positioned on a small tripod and aimed directly at the teachers hands whilst demosntrating the techniques
  • Recordings this would be of great benefit to all students to view later and re-watch sections


  • Online students could not perform the same tasks as the face to face students due to equipment requirements
  • Despite being of high quality, focus issues with the webcam were ongoing, as they are not designed for this type of capture
  • Webcam overexposing details and light changes also affected the view
  • Demosntrators hands also obscured the view of the webcam at times

Advice / Tips

  • Using a specialist document camera could improve the quality of the video, with a shotgun micrphone pointing at the teacher