Accessing Adobe Creative Cloud

by | Feb 12, 2021 | 0 comments

  • Staff: RMIT University Staff can access the Adobe Creative Cloud by visiting the Adobe website. Download the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application by clicking on this link. Open the program and you will be prompted to “Sign in”. Use your RMIT email address and press “continue”. It will then ask you to select your “Personal Account” or “Company or School Account”. Select “Company or School Account”. This will direct you to an RMIT University login, enter your RMIT University credentials and then you will be logged in to Adobe. Once you have installed the Adobe Creative Cloud installer, open the program and you will be able to download any applications you desire from the “Apps” tab. For more information visit the Software for Personal Devices page.


  • Students Students who have access to Adobe Creative Cloud through their course will be able to login similarly to staff members as described above. Students will need to use your student login credentials when logging in to Adobe. Unfortunately, Adobe Creative Cloud is no longer available through MyDesktop. Students can purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud through RMIT On The Hub.