How to get your students to mind their manners online
An interactive Canvas resource

There has been a shift in the way we are teaching and learning at RMIT, with many more classes being held partially or completely online. Although the online space can feel different and more informal, it is actually an extension of the real world and the same social rules still apply.

So how do we let students know how they’re expected to conduct themselves in an online space?

The DSC L&T team have developed a Canvas page that can be added to your ‘Welcome and Orientation’ module in your courses. This page outlines standards of behaviour for your students as they study and attend class online. It includes information on best practices for video, discussion boards and live chat.

You can find an overview of how the page looks and the content it covers below.

In the page, there are two interactives that will cover:

Behaviour on video

Inform students how to conduct themselves in an online video situation such as a live lecture, tutorial, workshop and so on.

The interactive covers standards such as:

  • Keeping your background neat and professional.
  • Minimising/removing any distractions.
  • Dressing for online class as you would for face-to-face class.
  • Paying attention, getting involved and avoiding unnecessary multitasking.
  • Testing your audio before class.
  • Wearing a headset with a microphone.
  • Muting yourself when you aren’t speaking.

Behaviour in discussions and chat

Inform students how to present themselves online via text such as during discussions, announcements and live chat during lectures or tutorials.

The interactive covers:

  • Being polite and respectful.
  • Writing clearly and simply.
  • Proof-reading your posts.
  • Being professional.
  • Staying on-topic.
  • Following any instructions/guidelines on posting as directed by your Course Coordinator/Tutor/Lecturer.

How do I add this Canvas page to my course?

If you’d like to add this resource to your course, email us at with a link to your Canvas shell and we can pop it in for you.